Essential Oils

We are No. 1 worldwide for certified organic essential oils supplier for the industry and the professional market. Present at the source of production, we guarantee full traceability of our products and a level of quality to meet the requirements of our customers. Our permanent stock of a wide range of varieties offers you the assurance of a high level of availability.

Patchouli (EO) Organic
Patchouli (EO) Organic All origins
Pogostemon cablin
White grapefruit (EO) Organic
White grapefruit (EO) Organic All origins
Citrus grandis, Citrus paradisi
Palmarosa (EO) Organic
Palmarosa (EO) Organic All origins
Cymbopogon martinii
Palmarosa (EO) Organic
Palmarosa (EO) Organic India
Cymbopogon martinii
Oregano (EO) Organic
Oregano (EO) Organic All origins
Origanum vulgare
Oregano (EO) Organic
Oregano (EO) Organic Spain
Origanum vulgare
Oregano compactum (EO) Organic
Oregano compactum (EO) Organic All origins
Origanum compactum
Sweet orange (Exp.) (EO) Organic
Sweet orange (Exp.) (EO) Organic All origins
Citrus sinensis, Citrus aurantium dulcis
Nutmeg (EO) Organic
Nutmeg (EO) Organic Sri Lanka
Myristica fragrans
Niaouli (EO) Organic
Niaouli (EO) Organic All origins
Melaleuca quinquenervia
Neroli (EO) Organic
Neroli (EO) Organic All origins
Citrus aurantium amara
Green Myrtle (EO)
Green Myrtle (EO) Tunisia
Myrtus communis
Red Myrtle (EO) Organic
Red Myrtle (EO) Organic All origins
Myrtus communis
Myrrh (EO) Organic
Myrrh (EO) Organic Somalia
Commiphora Myrrha
St john's worth (EO) Organic
St john's worth (EO) Organic Bulgaria
Hypericum perforatum
Peppermint All origins
Mentha piperita
Spearmint native (EO) Organic
Spearmint native (EO) Organic All origins
Mentha spicata
Corn mint (EO) Organic
Corn mint (EO) Organic All origins
Mentha arvensis